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  • dued to inappropriate skins desinfection devices
    alcohol desinfection dermatopathy Any agent to desinfect the skin which contains Iode,Alcohols,and not recommended ingredients may lead to a dermopathy like on the picture below. alcohol desinfection dermatopathy
    That is why we strongly recommend to use Chlorexydin without Alcohol, Citric Acid or Aseptiderm.
  • dued to not appropriate post care cosmetics 
    cosmeto dermatopathy1 
    As you can see on the picture ,this patient used a cosmetic from a well world known brand name .Such cosmetic product led to a dermopathy. Patients need to use specific cosmetics ( not from brand names ) made especially for dermatologic clinics by serious companies where the main person is at same time medical doctor ( dermatologist,facial plastic surgeon ) or doctor in pharmacy and too engineer or doctor in chemistry (specialized in cosmeto- chemistry) .

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