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Endopeel is the first world toxin free treatment belonging to the science of scarless immediate progressive myoplasty. myopexy and myotension.

Endopeel uses not dangerous chemical compounds at the difference of dangerous biological toxines.

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Contra- Indications

Absolute contra-indications

  • pregnancy
  • breast feeding
  • allergy to peanuts
    • Herpes simplex
    • soziophobic patients ( those who fear of negative estimation at parties, discos and cinemas for ex
    • Bad listeners patients
    • Patients with narcissic vanity
    • Dysbelieving patients ( no willingness before any risk)
    • Patients with overreaching demands and questions
    • Ugly patients
    • Low budget patients ( who want everything for nothing)
    • Patients with inaccurate irreational misinterpretations
    • Dysmorphophobia

     Relative contra indications

    • children and teens < 16 years
    • Obese patients
    • Heavy Smokers ( endopeel may lead to edema and ecchymosis)
    • Alcoholics ( endopeel may lead to edema and ecchymosis)
    • known neurologic diseases of the sensitivity ( hypoesthesias,dysesthesias)
    • Psychologic and psychiatric disorders
    • unrealistic expectations
    • patients not informed
    • hesitations from patient
    • dysmorphophobic disorder
    • patients who will not follow the procedure correctly
    • infection at site of injection
    • active skin disease at site of injection
    • cardiac insufficiency ( such patients mostly don t consult)
    • pulmonar insufficiency ( such patients mostly don t consult)
    • kidney insufficiency ( such patients mostly don t consult)
    • Glandular injections ( mammary gland)
    • Injections in fat tissue in excess ( no effect)
    • lower eyelid injection ( except if you wish to sclerose the vessels, responsible of dark eyes)
    • Lip Injections ( the patient will have her lips swollen for 8 days until anything returns to the normality with an upper lip lifting as final result) lip injection carbolic acid
      This case happened to a physician who made a confusion between endopeels carbolic acid and hyaluronic acid, after he was disturbed by a phone call to which he answered !

    Precautions of Use-FAQ-Abstracts


    Material Needed

    All the material needed to perform correctly endopeel techniques


    Side effects

    Need to be part of consent inform
    Each little side effect may be seen as a complication for soziophobic patients



    Refuse Patients who desire all indications in 1 unique session !

    Each information before hand is a clarification- After treatment it is an excuse !