What do you need to organize an Endopeel Workshop

 What to prepare for endopeel demonstration or retensado cutaneo preparacion –check list
endopeel workshops

endopeel face material workshop


1. OILY CARBOLIC ACID PATENTED -1 box -5 amp x 5 ml- 1 amp ( face)- 2-4 amp ( butts)
2. 5 SYRINGES BD 1 ml luer lock
3. 1 needle BD 18g
6. Gloves monouse not sterile -7 ½
7. Garzes not sterile – pack 10x10 cm packed by 100 or 10 but in no way packed one by one
8. 3 wooden tonguers not sterile width 1 cm
9. three cosmetic pens MAC or swisscolor: 1 white , 1 red and 1 black or blue – no dermatologic pen
10. The dispositive to sharpen the cosmetic pens
11. 2 sleeves of ASEPTIDERM
12. 2 kidneys or haricots
13. 1 yellow trash for needles and syringhes
14. 1 trash for garzes and so on
15. ANAESTHETIC GEL 50g- Dr Alain Tenenbaum
16. Black curtain vertical to make the pictures
17. 2 Green or blue not sterile big sheets to cover the rolling table and to cover also the op bed or examination bed as described in hard material


1. Something blue or green to cover the hair

2. Blue or green monouse not sterile mantel to cover the clothes of the patient completely

3. Patient should come latest 40 minutes before the beginning of the procedure to apply the anaesthetic gel  after making the photographs

4. See CONSENT INFORM which should be signed by the patient and a local physician who will follow the patient and explain the patient in local language the whole procedure.

CONSENT INFORM should be signed at least 2 weeks before the procedure and patient should not have any questions to ask the last 2 weeks .

5. Patient should not drink any alcoholics or hot beverages- EVEN BEER

6. Patient should apply ice packs immediately after procedure

7. Patient has to take for demonstration ( if aggressive like for workshops) 1 tablet of 20 mg prednisolone per day , 1 time a day , during 3 consecutive days beginning the day of workshop

8. Patient should not be allergic to lidocain

9. Patient should not have any history of peanuts allergy ( Make prealable test 2 weeks before procedure)

10. Patient should not have any quincke edema in his/her medical story.


1. Blue or green monouse not sterile mantel to cover the clothes of the physician completely

2. Microphone attached to the mantel

Hard material

1. Op Bed or examinations bed with electric pedal to make it up or down as for the head of the patient

2. Black curtain for taking pictures

3. Rolling table with minimum 2 floors for putting and preparing the products

4. Rolling chair or tabouret with pedal for up and down