1. Some definitions to avoid confusion

Bruise – A superficial injury produced by impact without laceration; a contusion

Contusion – A bruise; an injury of a part without a break in the skin

Ecchymosis – A small hemorrhagic spot, larger than a petechia, in the skin or
mucous membrane forming a nonelevated, rounded or irregular, blue or purplish

Hematoma – A localized collection of blood, usually clotted, in an organ, space, or
tissue, due to a break in the wall of a blood vessel.

Petechia – A pinpoint, non-raised, perfectly round, purplish red spot caused by
intradermal or submucous hemorrhage.


  2.Ecchymosis may appear because of

       2.1 Patient 

             - capillary fragility

             - alcoholics

             - smokers

       2.2 Physician

            - choice of bad material ( needles not flexible and hard)

            - touching the periosteum with the needle


   3. Our recommandations for treatments

-Make with pressure a finger massage on the ecchymosis with criss cross technique in a centrifuge way

-Make up with a professional green cosmetic pen before adding skin colour make up

Such ecchymosis will not any more appear after 3 to 8 days and do not lead to social eviction with the actual make up offered on the market.


 8days ecchymosis

Legend : Ecchymosis Appearance 8 days after treatment : It is not a mistake in such case. That can happen to any patient.
Just inform them of this possibility and use powder make up without alcohol to not make it visible