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Tissue Actions Duration
Muscle Vacuolisation 6-7 months
Subcutaneous Tissue Proteic Coagulation 7 months
Motorplate Synaptophysin+ S100 Protein 3 months
Vessel Sclerosant  

3.Subcutaneous Tissue : Proteic Coagulation

  • proteic coagulation
  • If you take a tube and put some drops of endopeels carbolic acid in the white egg, you get a proteic coagulation.
  • This is the same with subcutaneous hypotonic tissues like for ex the cellulitis.
  • You get then a redraping of the oranges skin which gives a better social aspect to the treated thighs with lifting effect, redraping effect, tightening effect and perimeter circonference of the thigh decreasing.

4.Experimentation about the gradual fibrosclerosis of hypotonic tissues - Courtesy of Prof Dr Maurizio Ceccarelli

The gradual fibrosclerosis determinates a functional and aesthetic improvement on the hypotonic tissues .

Prof Dr Maurizio Ceccarelli demonstrated the denaturing effect on the proteins made by Endopeels carbolic acid . This answer on the proteins of the white of the eggs can be extended clinically on the dermis of hypotonic tissues. 
The successive post endopeel treatment fibrosclerosis determinates an aesthetic and functional improvement of the hypotonic tissues.


5.Electron micrograph of a motor end plate at 14 days

Electron micrograph of a motor end plate at 14 days following 0.1 ml carbolic acid 7% injection shows degenerated myofibrils and a portion of sarcoplasm filled with vacuoles

electronic microscopy

The white wing shows the vacuoles and The black wing the degenerated myofibrils

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