Endopeel can improve the results of the skin surface of cellulite from stade 0 to stade 2 ( orange skin) on cellulite scale

Stade 0 : No alteration of skin surface
Stade 1 : alterations of skin surface
Stade 2 : orange skin

studies have been made by dr maurizio ceccarelli  dr maurizio ceccarelli

prof.maurizio ceccarelli has demonstrated that the gradual fibrosclerosis provoked by Endopeel determinates a functional and an aesthetic improvement on the hypotonic tissues.

MAIN Causes of Cellulite

  • larger adipocytes with low lipolytic responsiveness
  • alterations of connective tissue
  • irregular dermo subcutaneous interface
  • metabolic alterations
  • increasing of ACE gene
  • decreasing of HIF1A gene
  • decreasing of Adiponectin mRNA


- The skin surface is improved after Endopeel as shown on the picture .
- The perimeter of the thigh has decreased too
- The skin looks as if it was ironed ( A.Tenenbaum)
- There is too a lifting effect if you compare the 2 thighs: the treated one looks higher than the controlateral untreated one.
- We have so 3 effects : lifting, tightening,and skin ironing.

You can combine 2 techniques of Endopeel in case of thighs which need a lifting as a cellulite treatment : The technique to treat cellulite and the technique of thighs lift .