Material and Check list for an Endopeel Workshop

Endopeel Workshops Tables

Hard Material Checklist

It s recommended for Workshops to have:

  • Electric Beds 
  • Enough Space between the Beds
  • 1 bed for 2 Doctors
  • 1 table with rolls for each bed 
  • 1 Trash for each table for needles and syringes
  • 1 Trash for Tissues and Garzes for Each Bed
  • A black curtain on the wall for taking photography
  • 1 Roll Chair
Endopeel Material Table

Tables Check list

Each Table needs :

Patients Check List

  • a blue monouse not sterile medical charlotte to cover the patients hairs
  • a blue monouse not sterile medical gown
  • the patient should come at least 40 minutes before the procedure to take pictures and to apply eventually the anaesthetic lipogel if necessary 
  • the patient should come with already signed consent inform
  • if you treat the face, the patient should not have eaten any arachides or drunk beer at least 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • Only for patients submitted to Endopeel Face during a workshop and who had never got before any treatment with Endopeel, it is highly recommended to prescribe them 20 mg Prednison / day per os x 3 consecutive days to avoid early edema.
  • Check all contra-indications before inviting a patient to be a model for the workshop. 

Physicians Check List

charlotte and gown

All physicians have to wear:

  • a monouse blue medical gown ( not sterile)
  • a monouse blue medical charlotte

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