Skin Desinfectants

aseptiderm sterop 

Therapeutic indications:

Cleaning and disinfection of the surface of the skin in case of minor injuries.
Cleaning and disinfection of small instruments.
Towels torn into regular strips can be used as dressings attached by a piece of adhesive tape. 

Qualitative and quantitative composition:

Aseptiderm towels.
Cetrimidum 17.5 mg - Oleum pini aromaticum - ethoxylate. oleum ricini - Chinolein. flav. E 104 - Aqua purificata q.s ad 3.5 ml - Lanugo cellulosi Absorbent. 

Pharmaceutical form:

Aseptiderm towels.
Tissues impregnated with the active ingredient, packed in a sealed pouch 

Dosage and administration:

To open the bag, tear streaks in direction, lengthwise.
Clean the area concerned with the impregnated fabric; use folded towel or pad.
For small dressings tear the fabric strip in the width direction. Secure with tape.
Applied once or twice per day.Towels are intended for external use. 


Awareness cetrimide and other components of the preparation.
Allergic to other derivatives of quaternary ammonium. 

Special precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes. 

Side effects:

Local irritation and sensitization especially after application of long duration.
Methemoglobinemia dermal absorption of the substance or its degradation products by heating. 

Symptoms of overdose, emergency treatment and antidotes:

The risk of overdose when using towels is unlikely.
Accidental ingestion cetrimide may cause irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa and vomiting.
In case of accidental ingestion of a stomach wash solution may be required (cetrimide is very weakly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract). 

Major incompatibilities:

Incompatible with soaps, anionic surfactants and acid dyes that can inactivate cetrimide.
Organic materials such as blood and pus may also inactivate the active ingredient.

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