Endopeel is the first world toxin free treatment belonging to the science of scarless immediate progressive myoplasty. myopexy and myotension.

Endopeel uses not dangerous chemical compounds at the difference of dangerous biological toxines.

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Facial Rejuvenation Introduction Movie


ENDOPEEL technic is THE REVOLUTION and most important invention of 21 th century used by physicians in the field of aesthetic medicine, anti aging and plastic cosmetic surgery.
ENDOPEEL has been invented by Dr.Alain Tenenbaum, facial plastic surgeon and doctor in sciences from Switzerland as RCSA Mauro Tiziani .
Since Cleopatra, the only valid technic for rejuvenation was the surgical lift , first applied to the face and then to other areas like buttocks,arms,hands, thighs and so on... 
ENDOPEEL based mostly on injection techniques ( but too on scarless ambulatory short operation)  can be resumed under 3 key words :

  1. Myoplasty or giving a new shape to the treated muscle

  2. Myopexy or lifting the treated muscle and tightening it

  3. Myotension or giving back the lost tension to the muscle           

Keeping each time constant volume and mass of the muscle


Precautions of Use-FAQ-Abstracts-Photography


Material Needed

All the material needed to perform correctly endopeel techniques


Side effects

Need to be part of consent inform
Each little side effect may be seen as a complication for soziophobic patients



Refuse Patients who desire all indications in 1 unique session !

Each information before hand is a clarification- After treatment it is an excuse !